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Adjust Your Body for Perfect Balance with best chiropractor in Rolleston

The Chiropractor adjusts everyone slightly differently to cater for your exact needs. We believe chiropractic is for everyone. Over my years in practice I have refined my techniques to have the ability to adjust everyone from elite athletes to babies, elderly to migrane sufferers, old and new injuries (You can fill out your ACC with us as we are a registered provider) any anyone in between.

If necessary we can directly refer you for further imaging for more detailed assessment of your body.
Over our years practicing in Christchurch, we have developed great relationships with specialists and surgeons that we can directly refer you to to optimise your healing and treatment plan when necessary.

We offer a range of chiropractor techniques including

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Feel The Adjustment From Head to Toe

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We are an accredited practice (if you have a new inquiry you can fill out a new ACC form with us, you don't need to see your GP first


ACC initial appointment
30 minutes


ACC follow up appointment
15 minutes


Private initial appointment
30 minutes


Private follow up appointment
15 minutes

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How it Works?

In your first appointment we will take your health history, discuss your concerns and then check and adjust you where indicated. For this appointment please allow up to 30 minutes. For every appointment following please allow 15 minutes.

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Please contact us if you are unsure about which appointment is right for you

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